EO0361 Longrich Sheep Placenta SOD Milk Lotion

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This beautifully scented rich body lotion has penetrates well and helps to improve damaged skin.  This body cream's deep maintenance makes the skin keep rich and lipid, preventing coarseness and aging-wrinkles. It also makes skin smooth, tender, radiant and youthful.

It contains glycerine, which is suitable for atopic dermatitis treatment. SOD Milk's qualities include: 

  • Effective nourishment and protection for supple skin. 
  • Contains placenta essence, liposome SODvitamin E and other nutrients.
  • Perfect for sensitive skin
  • Repairs damaged parts of the skin
  • Eliminates scars and stretch marks with repetitive use
  • Contains placenta essence
  • Gives radiant and vigorous youthful skin

Net weight: 165ml