EO0355 Longrich Herbal Body Wash

EO0355 Longrich Herbal Body Wash

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Fresh quietly elegant fragrant herbal wash that leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean. It also moisturises the skin and is perfect for delicate skin. It’s rich in green tea, aloe extract, plant essence and different kinds of vitamin.

After indulging in this rich herbal body wash, your skin will feel fresh and smooth, protected with a film of moisture on the surface, preventing dryness.

It has a soap-free formula and is suitable for all skin types.

Key features

Beautifies the skin with minimal side effects
Enhances the penetration of other ingredients through the skin
Not potentially toxic or harmful and has a low oral toxicity
Ability to penetrate skin tissue and repair allergic reaction
Effective in treating skin irritation
Suitable for people with sensitive skin

Net weight: 300ml