EO0352 Longrich Green (Xinchang) Tea

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This tea helps to remove bilirubin. It is great for the liver and stomach acting as a good detoxifier. It purifies the blood and combats destruction of red cells in jaundice patients by increasing supply of fresh oxygen in the blood.

It is rich in roughage i.e. indigestible carbohydrate, facilitating digestion and water retention. This green tea cures constipation (one of the main causes of piles) and thus gives relief for piles by detoxifying and aiding in speedy healing.

Longrich Green Tea soothes the digestive and excretory systems, increases production of urine, and cures inflammation or burning sensations when passing urine. It also inhibits infection in the kidney and urine systems as well as aiding in curing urinary tract disorders. It is anti-carcinogenic and a very good dietary option for those determined to lose weight.

With regards to kidney disorders, it helps wash away toxins accumulated in the kidneys and lessens the accumulation of toxins in the blood. It relieves congestion of the respiratory system including the nasal passage inducing a relaxing, tranquilizing effect thus combating depression.