EO0398 Greenleaf iLiFE Aloe Vera Gel

EO0398 Greenleaf iLiFE Aloe Vera Gel

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Components such as calcium isocitrate in aloe vera can dilate capillaries, promote microcirculation, promote material metabolism of skin cells, and strengthen cell viability

Aloe vera contains superoxide dismutase, vitamin C, E, carotene and other free radical scavengers, which can remove free radicals that cause cell ageing and delay skin cell ageing.

Take the sword and reconcile the skin with aloe’s natural sword-setting effect, which can make the skin firm and delicate, prevent skin from sagging and wrinkling; mucin components can regulate the skin’s moisture and oil, and keep the skin in balance.

Aloe provides the amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, organic acids and water which are essential nutrients for the skin. These components in aloe have small molecules and strong penetration, and can enter the inner layer of the skin

Moisturizes and maintain smoothness of the skin