EO0396 Greenleaf Carich Mouthwash Cool Mint

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Carich Mouthwash Cool Mint is a highly effective mouthwash, suitable for keeping breath fresh all day long. 


  • Prevents gum problems
  • Reduces oral bacteria
  • Prevents dental plaque
  • Repairs oral muccosa

Effectively useful as a disinfectant and sterilizer (no need to dilute with water). It diminishes Inflammation and cleans the oral cavity just perfectly. It is great for eradicating bad breathe/mouth odour (for super result combine mouthwash with the use of Carich cool toothpaste and Carich bamboo Charcoal toothbrush, all available here).

Its Fresh mint cool and Icy ingredient gives you fresh breath all day long. Carich Mouthwash Cool mint is free from flouride, therefore giving your mouth the best care.