EO0390 Longrich Exquisite Harmony Pot (24CM pot)

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The Classy Style Energy Pot comes in 2 sizes that is a 24cm and 28cm. Made from the finest Titanium steel as against the conventional Aluminum that causes cancer.

Features & Benefits:

  • Regulates the amount of heat energy that enters the pot while cooking thereby retaining up to 85% of the food nutritional value after cooking.
  • Vegetables retain it’s original colour and taste.
  • The resonance from the cover and the earthen base of the pot creates anion environment, hence purifying and Alkalinizing water boiled with it, which can take care of any skin infection.
  • Fruits n Veggies kept in pot remains FRESH even after days.
  • The energy pot is a replica of the energy cup. but used to cook food. It converts acidic food to Alkaline.
  • Food cooked in this pot will still remain fresh after cooking for a long time.
  • Different types of food cooked at the same time in this pot retain its own flavors.
  • This energy pot helps to keep the freshness of the food at its highest level by maintaining the original nutrient and food flavor.
  • It enhances the overall taste of the food cooked.
  • Food cooked in this pot lowers high blood pressure.
  • It regulates cholesterol level and protects the body against cancer.
  • Fruits and vegetables kept in this pot remain fresh for several days without going bad.
  • With this energy pot everybody is a good cook.

As shown on one of the images, the leafy vegetable kept in this pot for two and half days stayed fresh, unlike those left in the fridge that became shriveled and spoilt as indicated on the right above!


The components of this pot includes titanium element, which has a lot of health benefits as compared to using stainless steel or aluminum pots, which has been confirmed has the propensity of producing cancer elements over time.

Water boiled with this energy pot helps to lower high blood pressure and enhances the regulation of cholesterol. Water from this pot also helps to clear pimples and acne. Food cooked in this pot remains fresh and keeps all nutrients.